ELINA ELEPHANT Machine Embroidery Applique Design Pattern

Thank you to little Alexandra for naming this applique design, Elina Elephant. She tells me this is the name of one of the fairies in Barbie's Fairytopia.

I like the name very much so here she is...introducing, Elina Elephant!

This applique design is one of my favorites.  It features a gorgeous Double-Diamond Stitch edge finish which gives ELINA ELEPHANT a dainty but durable outline.

Perfect for children's garments, it's looks especially cute on a t-shirt!  Also, makes a splash on the babies bib (pictured below).

It comes to you in 4 sizes:
4x4 hoop - exact size 3.9" x 3.5"
5x7 hoop - 4.95" x 4.42"
6x10 hoop - exact sizes 5.96" x 5.31" and 6.95" x 6.17"

Happy Embroidering!


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