SEEING STARS... Fun appliqués for Boys AND for Girls!

Using a simple shape like a star makes for a quick and easy way to dress up a plain t-shirt, add a fun detail to a pocket or make childrens bedlinen look dreamy. An apron would look really cute with three stars in a row - as in "3 star Michelin Chef"!

Styled for the 4x4 Hoop, this appliqué range consists of 3 stars in sizes 2”, 3”, 3.9”.

Each Star features a Triple-Bean inner contrast stitch to further enhance your fabric colors. You can use the same color if you don’t need a contrast or this step can be omitted entirely. These choices give you even more freedom to personalize your SEEING STARS appliqués.

Happy Embroidering!


EASTER EGG FUN Combo of Ric rac, Harlequin and Dotty Machine Embroidery Applique Design Patterns

When I was a little girl, I used to love the Easter eggs made of sugar candy.  I haven't seen one of these for sale for quite a while.  I remember they were always beautifully decorated in pastel colors - pale pinks, mint greens and lilacs.  This is the inspiration for this range of applique designs.

This appliqué range of Easter eggs is a combo of three of my Easter Egg designs - Harlequin Easter Egg, Dotty Easter Egg and Ric Rac Easter Egg.

3 sizes - 3", 4" and 5"

Exact sizes:
4x4 hoop - 3" x 2.2" and 3.92" x 2.87"
5x7 hoop - 5" x 3.65"

You can find this applique range in my Etsy Shop.

Happy Embroidering!

BOTANICAL LEMON Machine Embroidery Applique Design Pattern

I learned a new word today!  ...Vesicle! 

"What is a vesicle?", you may well ask.  After a bit of googling, I found out that vesicles are the little sacks where the juice of citrus fruit is stored within the segments.  You'll understand why I needed to know this word when you see my latest design - Botanical Lemon.  I've put in some triple-stitching detailing the said vesicles.

I would love to know what you think of Botanical Lemon.  I think it would look really fun on table linen - napkins, tea-towels, table cloths.  For garments it would look too cute on a white t-shirt or on the bottom of a skirt or shorts. 

To really show off this great lemon shape, there is also the whole lemon design.  All you need to do is choose your fabric!

3 sizes - 3", 4" and 5"
4x4 hoop - exact sizes: 3" x 1.79" and 3.93" x 2.31"
5x7 hoop - exact sizes: 5" x 2.92"
Happy embroidering!

ELINA ELEPHANT Machine Embroidery Applique Design Pattern

Thank you to little Alexandra for naming this applique design, Elina Elephant. She tells me this is the name of one of the fairies in Barbie's Fairytopia.

I like the name very much so here she is...introducing, Elina Elephant!

This applique design is one of my favorites.  It features a gorgeous Double-Diamond Stitch edge finish which gives ELINA ELEPHANT a dainty but durable outline.

Perfect for children's garments, it's looks especially cute on a t-shirt!  Also, makes a splash on the babies bib (pictured below).

It comes to you in 4 sizes:
4x4 hoop - exact size 3.9" x 3.5"
5x7 hoop - 4.95" x 4.42"
6x10 hoop - exact sizes 5.96" x 5.31" and 6.95" x 6.17"

Happy Embroidering!


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