I love this magical job called creating!

My mission is to create unique and stylish machine embroidery appliques that any machine embroiderer will love to sew out. I take my time with each design making sure that my corners flow beautifully, jump stitches are virtually non-existant and that the design itself has great visual beauty and balance. I am confident you will enjoy sewing out my designs. If you need more convincing, take a look at my blog and read the Testamonials to see just how pleased others have been with my designs.

If you want to know how I started in machine embroidery digitizing and how I started Big Dreams Embroidery, then please read on...

The day I first saw an embriodery machine sewing out an embroidery design, I wanted to know more...  How on earth does the machine know to do each stitch?  How does it know which colours you will need next?  I think 100 questions had popped into my head at the same time.  I didn't know it at the time but this all due to a magical process called digitizing.

I couldn't afford the embroidery designs on the market and they weren't exactly what I wanted. I decided to create my own designs. I began to study the Embird Studio program and haven't stopped marvelling at the wonderful things you can make it do.

I showed some friends one of my first designs - my Flutterby Birdy design - which I had embroidered onto a little T-shirt. They loved it! My friends gave me the confidence to try selling my designs. And here I am.

Big Dreams Embroidery was born March 2010 with just 7 designs.

On a serious and sad note, the issue of piracy is something I feel strongly about. I will not sell copied licensed embroidery designs (Disney, Warner Bros., and the like). It is illegal. If you really want "Toy Story" or "Dora", buy it through the proper distributors. I invite my customers to be discerning. Etsy is about "unique", "different", "interesting". I hope you'll agree that I offer these qualities at Big Dreams Embroidery.

Last but not least, I'm a wife and mother.  ...and now there's not enough time to do the housework.

Happy Embroidering!
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