©       LOVE this! [Botanical Lemon] Sewed out perfectly, of course! Thanks! =) Brooke W, TX

©       This [Ladybug Beetle] stitched out wonderfully!! So glad I purchased from you!! I will be back for more! :D Angela P, LA

©       This worked out so cute! I loved the stitching around the elephant [Elina Elephant]...so different from the standard satin stitch! Becky G, OK \

©       I sewed out one of the designs [Blissful Butterfly] and your work is FABULOUS!!! Thank you thank you thank you! Susan F, FL

©       Thank you so much! This design [Fancy Square Banner] stitched out beautifully, and helped me make an adorable banner for my daughter's birthday! Freckled Pink TX

©       I previously purchased your pram [Baby Doll Pram] design and it is so cute. I get so many compliments on it. It stitches out perfect. I can't wait to use the football design! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent. Diane H, St. Louis

©       I ordered the Football Helmet applique last week and I just finished sewing it.... Your designs are beautiful and the extra triple stitch is awesome... BY far one of my favorite appliques!!!! I will be purchasing more from you! Ainsley K, GA

©       I have just spent some time working with your designs - how great are they. I love your work. Hope you dont mind if I use them on some items I would like to sell. Beryl S, Melbourne

©       BigDreamsEmbroidery were exactly what I was looking for. When you're organising a wedding, it's the people you work with that make all the difference...they can either make it hard and an unpleasant experience, or they can help you create memories that will last a life time. Kate [Big Dreams Embroidery] was the second. She was absolutely lovely to deal with, was prompt and kind, and most of all the flags she produced for our wedding were AMAZING! They are going to be a lovely keepsake for us to keep forever. Whether it be something for someone's birthday, a wedding, a gift or just something for yourself...I highly recommend using Big Dreams Embroidery because they'll be exactly what you need. Megan B, Melbourne

©       Absolutely wonderful designs [Just Numbers and Make A Banner] - they stitched out beautifully. Will use again. Andrea M, IL

©       [Starry Starry Numbers] These numbers are stitching out just beautifully. So many times when I am sewing I have to rush and stop the machine so I can slow the speed but with your designs I don't have to. Leeanne P, Melbourne

©       [Little Mouse] This is adorable!! So easy, I could do it ;-) Fast sending too & great instructions -- thanks! Jan S, MN

©       [Hot Air Balloon] Stitched out great! Loved it! Tera W, TX

©       [Football] Stitched out beautifully. Wonderful. Melinda M, MI

©       [Football Helmet] GORGEOUS design! Very impressed w/ the stitch quality AND I love the fact that you have a blog that shows the design being stitched out. Hope to see more designs added to your store! Astrid N, TX

©       [Festive Apples] Great quality stitching. Trisha T, Alabama

©       [Elina Elephant] LOVED this! Stitched out beautifully. Mellanie A, MS

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