SHERIFF BADGE Machine Embroidery Applique Design Pattern

"Stick 'em up!"
Little boys just love to play Sheriff! This design looks great on a t-shirt, cowboy vest or even on a baby's bib or onesie!

There are so many ways you can make this design your own - you can even leave off the inside circle applque and/or star by omitting those steps. Leave off the star and there is room for you to personalize your badge with a number or a monogram.

This design features a Triple Bean contrast stitching to give you greater freedom to coordinate your thread and fabric colors. If you don't want a contrast stitching, simply continue with the same thread color or omit this step entirely.

Use the alphabets and numbers in your embroidery machine to personalise these designs further.

In 3 sizes - 4", 5" and 6"
4x4 hoop - exact size 3.93" x 3.89"
5x7 hoop - exact size 4.99" x 4.94"
6x10 hoop - exact size 6" x 5.94"

Happy Embroidering!

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