SILVER APPLES GOLDEN PEARS Machine Embroidery Applique Design Pattern

Easy to sew-out  using metallic threads, this Apple and Pear range looks wonderful on Christmas table-linen!

Add Silver Apples or Golden Pears to Christmas napkins, stockings or applique them onto your kitchen apron.

This design range features an inner stitch of Triple-Bean against the Satin Stitch edge to bring an added luxuriousness to your sew-out.

This design also looks lovely done in their traditional colors of red apples and green pears and you can use it all year round adorning childrens garments, placemats or other homeware items.

4 sizes - 3", 4", 5" and 6"
NB, the apple designs are purposefully slightly shorter than the pear to add balance when placed on the same item.

HINT:  Are you of the opinion that metallic threads aren't worth the bother?  When using metallic threads, do you find your thread kinks and twists as it comes off the cone?  I had the same problems until I recently tried something different...

Unravel a few meters of the thread and lay it out in a line extending to your embroidery machine.  If your sewing room is upstairs, simply drape the thread down the stairs.  I find the extra distance the thread has to travel almost entirely eliminates the twisting and the kinking.  If you haven't estimated the amount correctly, simply unravel more thread and backspace your machine to just before where it ran out and you will have a barely noticable overlap.  Let me know if this tip solves your problem - I'd love to know.

Happy embroidering!

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