FANFARE FONT Machine Embroidery Design Pattern

Due to many requests, I have fully digitized the font I embroidered on my Fancy Square Banner.

This embroidery font range consists of all of the letters of the alphabet in UPPERCASE and numbers 0 to 9 in 4 sizes each. 

They are flat filled letters and numbers which are perfect for use with my banners or for t-shirts and projects where you are layering a word over the top.

Each letter and number features a Triple Bean edge stitching which gives you an added look of luxury.

PICTURED is my design "Fancy Square Banner" using the FANFARE FONT 2" letters.

4 sizes - 2", 3", 4" and 5"

2" - exact height is 2" (width varies up to 2.07")
3" - exact height is 3" (width varies up to 3.10")
4" - exact height is 4" (width varies up to 4.13")
5" - exact height is 5" (width varies up to 5.16")

Happy embroidering!

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