RETRO BUBBLES Machine Embroidery Applique Design Pattern

Looks great on a t-shirt, cushions (and other home furnishings), totes...or wherever else you see this gorgeous design suiting.  Applique a combination of the different sizes and say "Wow"!

This applique design is a delight to sew out. It features a gorgeous stitch of Triple-Bean against the Satin Stitch edges to give your finished sew out a look of luxury.

5 sizes - 2", 3", 4", 5" and 6"

Exact sizes:
4x4 hoop - 2" x 1.76", 3" x 2.62 and 3.92" x 3.42"
5x7 hoop - 5” x 4.35” and 5.99” x 5.22”

Have fun using different thread colour and fabric colour combinations. There's bound to be some fabric in your stash perfect for this project.

You can find this design at my ETSY SHOP

Happy embroidering!

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