JUST NUMBERS Machine Embroidery Applique Design Pattern

Children love to know how old they are!  They are happy for you to know too.  What better way to make a child happy then to applique their special number onto a shirt or bag so they can show it off with pride!

This applique range consists of 10 numbers - Zero to Nine - in 3 sizes and features a contrast stitch of Triple Bean inside the Satin Stitch edge which gives you greater freedom to coordinate your fabric and thread colors.

Sizes 3", 4", 5" and 6"
Exact sizes:
4x4 hoop - 3" (width varies up to 2.59") and 3.92" (width varies up to 3.39")
5x7 hoop - 5" (width varies up to 4.31")
6x10 hoop - 6" (width varies up to 5.17")
Happy embroidering!
You can find this design (and more) in my Etsy Shop.


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