MAKE A BANNER Machine Embroidery Applique Design Pattern

Banners, Bunting, Pennants!  ...whatever you call it, they are great fun for birthdays...celebrations...or a clever way to coordinate and dress up a room. It's perfect for girls and fun for boys - let you fabric do the talking! If there's a message you want to share, add letters from your embroidery machine to personalise!

This blank banner slides onto ribbon 5/8" wide and features a contrast stitch of Triple Bean outlining the Satin Stitch edge which gives you greater freedom to coordinate your fabric and thread colors.

4 Sizes:
Size 4x4 - exact size 3.91" x 3.4"
Size 5x7 - exact size 4.99" x 4.3"
Size 6x10 - exact sizes 5.99" x 5.17" and 6.99" x 6.1"

PLEASE NOTE: This banner does not come with any lettering. To personalise, add letters from your embroidery machine.
- MAKE A BANNER in 4 sizes in the format of your choice.
- Easy to follow Step-by-Step instructions – simply cut as you sew!

Have fun using different thread color and fabric color combinations with MAKE A BANNER and you will be rewarded a vast array different looks. Make it shine by using gold or silver metallic thread.

Happy embroidering!

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